repp+mclain office 

4500 square feet | tucson, arizona

architect: repp + mclain design and construction

general contractor: repp + mclain design and construction

materials: exposed concrete, powder coated steel, butt glazed glass

awards:   honor award AIA western mountain region

                honor award AIA state of arizona

                honor award AIA southern arizona

                building of the year award, remodelling magazine


Arguably one of the most difficult challenges for a group of designers is to create their own work environment.  Our challenge was to create an environment that fosters and encourages high thought, creativity, innovation & meticulous attention to detail. We created an open studio, filled with natural light that flows to a private courtyard desert garden shaded by solar panels. A large steel and concrete screen wall blocks the harsh western sun and noise of 1st Avenue from entering the studio. Visitors are directed from the parking area through a careful procession to a shaded and quiet desert courtyard before entering the space.

The design of the building has no aesthetic agenda. Its form is created solely from the crafted experience tailored for occupants at different spaces throughout the building. Rain water is captured and distributed throughout the site to accentuate the natural vegetation and solar panels offset summer energy use. Cross ventilation enhanced with ceiling fans allow us to minimize dependence on air conditioning during the late spring & early fall months while abundant day lighting eliminates our need for artificial light during the day. 

We invite you to stop by and visit us at our office at anytime.


Photographer: Bill Timmerman