repp residence

1590 square feet | tucson, arizona

architect: repp + mclain design & construction

general contractor: repp + mclain design & construction

materials: integra masonry, polished concrete, stacked glass, birch

recognition: Desert Living (8/2008)Tucson Lifestyle (7/2008)


The Repp residence was originally constructed in 1998 as a model for affordable housing. Built in 42 days as the Owner’s thesis project, the design utilizes energy-efficient and durable materials to create a cost-effective and low maintenance dwelling. A renovation and addition to the original house was completed in 2007 to add 1000 additional square feet and a garage to the existing house. In addition to new interior spaces including a master suite and "manden", the renovation included the installation of sophisticated and maintenance-free cement board exterior wall panels to replace the existing metal panels. The result provides updated and modernized spaces while preserving the original design concepts of this iconic house. 

Photographer: Liam Frederick