page w. repp jr. aia

president + architect


Page is the mastermind behind the success of repp+ mclain design and construction. As a working contractor, Page can be found in the field each and every day constructing and managing each and every project. His lifelong love of design and craft, in addition to a passion for modern architecture are the impetus for his work. His hands-on approach combined with his unique skills as designer and builder provide his clients with an unmatched level of service and quality.

In addition to managing an award-winning design and construction company, Page finds time to pursue other passions, which include rocking house parties every day of the week as an internationally known DJ, bringing the noise as a very intimidating hitter on his softball team, and giving back to his community on the City of Tucson Design Review Board and as an active member of the University of Arizona Wildcat Club.

Page holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona 

rick mclain, aia leed ap


rick mclain aia

Rick began working with Page in 2002 and became a partner in 2008. Working as both an architect and construction manager, Rick is involved from conceptualization to turning over the keys. He is a rigorous designer with broad architectural interests and a passion for creating architecture for enthusiastic clients who share a love for the desert, the environment, materials, craft, innovation and thoughtful, modern design.

His son Jack, daughter Avery, and dog Bruno keep him on his toes away from the office. Rick can turn any trip with his wife into a reason to visit significant buildings around the world.

Rick holds of Bachelor of Architecture with a Minor in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and a Master of Science from the Department of Architecture at MIT.

stacy k burnett aia



Stacy joined repp+ mclain design and construction as a Project Architect in 2003. As an Arizona native and U of A graduate, Stacy brings her passion for desert-appropriate design as well as experience in both residential and commercial environments to the r+mdc team. In addition to architecture, Stacy digs live music and road trips. Her most important projects to date are her children Eden and Graeme.

Stacy holds a Bachelor of Architecture Cum Laude from the University of Arizona 

toby farnsworth

construction team


Toby has been with repp mclain design + construction since the company was founded. As the veteran leader of our field team, he is highly skilled in all areas of construction. As a true craftsman,Toby enjoys executing intricate details and solving problems on the fly. In keeping with his PA roots, he is a true Steelers fan.

jenni van brocklin

architectural team


Jenni brings an array of seasoned commercial experience to Repp + Mclain Design and Construction. She has been passionately committed to a number of architectural adventures in Tucson for the past 19 years. 

Jenni holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona.


damien rodarte

architectural team



Damien started at repp + mclain design and construction in 2013 and is responsible for a myriad of tasks including architectural design and drawing, modeling and rendering, construction support and more. Outside of architecture, his pursuits include photography, braving even the most questionable culinary dishes and diligently seeking out the finest of heavy metals.

Damien holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Arizona


dan maher

architectural team

DRO_6672_edit_to website.jpg

Dan is a Tucson native with a Masters of Architecture from the University of Arizona. Upon graduation in 2015, Dan joined the r+mdc team where he provides much-needed support and coordination for projects underway in design and in the field.  In addition to a passion for architecture and construction, Dan enjoys cycling, tackling home improvement projects with his wife Katie, and hanging out with his dogs Boxcar and Koru.

shane dean

architectural team


Shane grew up in Alamogordo, New Mexico in a world of carpentry and horsemanship. He enjoys leveraging his craftsman background to great effect onsite through his relentless attention to detail. On the weekends he can be found conquering the peaks and crevasses of the rock climbing universe with his american dingo, Pagoda. 

Shane holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of New Mexico and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Arizona.

darrick garner

construction team


Darrick was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He started with repp + mclain in 2014. He has a passion for welding and is known for creating extraordinary work with all things metal. He is a father to an amazing little boy named Hudson, and enjoys spending time with his family. 

michelle stoneman


DRO_4127_michelle stoneman headshot.jpg

Michelle joined the repp + mclain team in 2017.  Michelle and her can-do attitude are the driving force behind our well-oiled operation.  She juggles contracts, invoices, payroll, scheduling and is the smiling face behind our reception.

amanda stolkin

administrative assistant

DRO_2210_edit_to website.jpg

Amanda joined the repp + mclain team in 2016. She enables our design and construction teams to work smoothly by insuring that proper municipal and administrative requirements are in place on jobs. She also enjoys working with finish suppliers to source materials on projects and helping out on jobsites in a crunch.

Amanda lives deep inside of the Harry Potter universe as do her daschund, pit bull and cat family. Expecto Constructum!